This WebSDR is located in Heathmont, Victoria, Australia

This blog is dedicated to my general interest in Software Defined Radio, and all things to do with HAM radio.

Note that from time to time there may be interference if I am operating my transmitter.


WebSDR Setup In The Shack

WebSDR Setup In The Shack

  • Receiver : Softrock RXTX
  • Bands : 40m(192k sample rate)
  • Server Hardware : ASUS Netbook, 2G Ram, Atom N450 CPU
  • Audio Interface : ASUS Xonar U7
  • Software : websdr software from


The antenna used is home made sloping fan dipole. It currently has two bands 40m and 20m. More elements can be added if more SDR receivers are added in the future.

To keep costs to a minimum the mast was setup with a 2m tall fascia TV pole and a 4.8m pool cleaning pole (cost approximately $75).

The total antenna height is about 9.5m

Fan Dipole Antenna

Fan Dipole Antenna



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  1. Hi, I am getting good results from your sdr using windows 8 on the desk top, I have tried the mobile version on the iPod and can see the waterfall and active signals etc but no recovered audio. Mue is not on. Any ideas?
    Thanks for putting up this resource it seems to be working well. I have an OCf 80 metre dipole up in Mornington and I am hearing about the same signal strengths as you are. Nice to be able to watch the band however. I am waiting on an anan100d to arrive.
    Regards Howard vk3qa

    Best bet is to check out the FAQ at

  2. Will give it a try over the next week listening to my own signal, John.
    HF antenna down due to recent windstorm; back up soon.
    Should make it OK from Parkhaven Drive Heathmont ! ( Ex 54 Heathmont Rd. !! )
    Russ VK3ART

  3. Hi, this is a great idea. I listen to my own signal on 40m nerly every evening about on to two hours before our sunset. It is nearly always coming through with S9.
    Unfortunately you VK-boys are asleep through most of night when the conditions are exellent. Pity :-) 73 de Ben OZ8BV

    • Thanx for the signal report. Sounds like good conditions on 40m around 5-6am here (8-9pm your time). I might have to get up a bit earlier :-)
      73 VK3LP

  4. Hi im looking on the sdr station every day loving hearing all the vk stations. i can not hear at home on my indoor wire ant,Thank you for setting it up. any chance of a little clock showing local vk time thanks chris

    • Thanx for the feedback, I agree, a clock showing the local time here would be useful. I will see if I can find one.

      73 VK3LP